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We create your website from the ground up and design it to fit your business needs. Once your website is built, we’ll help you get it moved to the host of your choice.

Dynamic Websites that are easy to maintain.

Welcome to Graphic Techniques. We specialize in building powerful websites that you can host anywhere in the world, with any hosting company. Most of our clients are small businesses, photographers, restaurants and travel bloggers, so we understand that mobility and search rankings are important. Most services that offer a visual builder require you to host and manage your website on their platform, which means that the website isn’t truely yours. We’ve managed to remove that roadblock and we include our powerful, easy-to-use builder with every website we create. This means that, while we appreciate our partnership with you and hope that you will rely on us for a level of maintenance, we also give you the ability to be completely independent when it comes to your website after launch. Here’s an abbreviated overview of our process:


We have a conversation with you about what you expect from us and your website. We’ll listen to your goals and offer up suggestions on the design as well as ways to improve your visibility to potential clients and customers.

Design Process

With every design, we go through four rounds of revisions with you to develop the look, feel and functionality of your new website. Your content is most important to your customer, so we rely heavily on your input diring this stage.


After you’ve agreed to the design, we launch your website and walk you through using the tools available to maintain your site and keep your content fresh. We also explain website security and how to make backups.


What can these websites do?

Your website isn’t just your face online. It’s an extension of your business, so we see it as such. We want to help make you successful because that’s what makes us successful.
All of our websites come with several enhancements.


Organic on-page SEO


mobile-responsiveness for mobile


eCommerce ready


Free contact form


Much more…


Jim Green started this company in 1995 with printing and packaging for businesses around Hampton Roads. While that’s no longer our primary focus, we still offer custom-printed products. If you need business cards, signs, flags, brochures, promotional shirts, etc, we’ve got you covered. Visit the Printshop page and feel free to reach out to us.

See what we've done.

Interested to see what a website from us could look like? Take a look at our portfolio. We’ll feature your website there after it launches.

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