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A rich history that started nowhere close to the web.

Web design is about more than fleshing out a website for our customers. It’s about putting ourselves in their place, because if our customers aren’t successful, how can we be successful?

Josh Green

Co-owner, Graphic Techniques

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Joshua Green

Josh began building websites in 1998. He built his first site using AOL’s SiteBuilder software. While this was a relatively new concept at the time, the builder was extremely limited in what it would allow in comparison to today’s standards. It offered a single webpage option with about 50 – 60 clipart images and text options available. There were fixed locations on the page that an image or text could be placed.

Because of these limitations, Josh felt compelled to learn HTML and began building websites with code. Over the next decade, that knowledge and the evolution of techniques applied with it would start a career.

In 2011, Josh started working for a hosting company who’s values were centered on free, self-sustaining, open-source software. WordPress, Joomla and Drupal drove many of the tools used within the workplace, so Josh gained a solid familiarity with these applications. WordPress is built on PHP and powers around 30% of websites online today, including this one.  Josh graduated with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Web Design from DeVry University in 2011. He also has experience working for a professional design agency.

WordPress, Divi and Photoshop are today’s preferred tools and Josh will teach you how to use the first two prior to launching your website.

Joe Smith

Joe has recently joined Graphic Techniques to assist with design. Joe’s always had an eye for detail, organization and learning. Joe jumped head-first into the world of design just a few years ago, when it took powerful applications like Joomla and Drupal to build professional and mobile friendly websites. He was spending hours reading, downloading themes and working with code to learn how to make things function as intended. Today, design isn’t as difficult and involved as it once was, but if a coding challenge does present itself, Joe is able to work out the problem and present a desirable outcome.

Joe’s got a good handle on WordPress and Photoshop. He’s also learning about the added experience that Divi brings into that and how that affects our business and customers.

From Printing and Packaging to Web Design…Compose your reply…0

In 1996, Jim Green started his printing and packaging company with a vision of growth and longevity. Success began in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United State and soon expanded to include the North East and New England states. He would eventually travel the world, conducting business in Europe and Southeast Asia with hopes that the company would be passed on to the following generation. He expressed these wishes openly and today, Graphic Techniques, LLC exists with a focus on developing responsively for the web. We believe that content should be easily accessible no matter what device you or your customers are using.

We use Divi to build your website. It is a premium open-source builder designed to enhance the already powerful WordPress Content Management System. Simply put, once we launch your website, you can host it anywhere and the software is so easy to use, you won’t have trouble making changes to your website whenever you need to from any device.

The Design Process

We want to make sure we get it right, so we work closely with you to build everything to your standards. After all, this is your website; your business.

1. Web Hosting

We’ll build your website on our server, but once we launch, you’ll need a place to “store” it. Think about web hosting as the space in a shopping center that you’d need. Of course your website is your content and your web host is what allows you to put that on display. We’ve partnered with InMotion Hosting to offer the best in business-class hosting at the most affordable rates. Sign up for InMotion using one of the links on this page and receive 40% off as well as a free domain.

2. Free Consultation

What are you looking for? What makes you successful? Did you like any of the designs seen in our portfolio or did you have something completely different in mind? We’ll have a phone conversation with you about these things and determine how we can help get you started. We want to make sure your website is just right, so there may be a follow-up call or two as we’ll create a mock-up to make sure we’re headed in the right direction. We are freelance designers, but we pride ourselves on delivering agency-comparable work.

3. Agreement & Design Phase

If you decide to move forward with the design, this is the step where we finalize the agreement and start building your real website based off of the input we’ve received from you. Don’t worry, we won’t rush through this, however if you do have all of your content ready, we may just be able to have your website launched within a week or two. We offer four rounds of revisions. The first two really focus on the design and layout of your website and the third we try to use to place content and organize things within the website to get it ready for launch. The final round mostly consists of a QA check and any last-minute changes you may want done to the website.

4. Launch!

Great! You’ve approved the final design, and we’re launching your website. We’ll run through a walkthrough with you so that you’re comfortable with using Divi to manage your WordPress site, and should you ever need us for assistance, we’re here. 🙂

After Launch

We’re going to familiarize you with the powerful tools we used to build your online presence. After all, we built your website entirely in Divi; including the header and footer. That means you’ll have access to every aspect of your site’s design, but if there’s ever a time you need something changed or you just want another walkthrough as a refresher, reach out to us and we’ll set up a consultation or make requested changes to your website.
Simply put, we’re going to be here for you.

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