About Graphic Techniques

A rich history that started nowhere close to the web.

Web design is about more than fleshing out a website for our customers. It’s about putting ourselves in their place, because if our customers aren’t successful, how can we be successful?

Josh Green

Co-owner, Graphic Techniques

From Printing and Packaging to Web Design…

In 1990, Jim Green started his sales business using resources he had available to him. Much like online stationary companies do today, he offered custom polyurethane bags, printed labels and stickers, business cards and brochures. Growing up in the southeastern Virginia community of Hampton Roads, he was heavily exposed to the Mid-Atlantic seafood industry. This proved to be useful as he would eventually end up consulting with seafood companies the world over. He enjoyed success in Japan, South Korea and was set to depart for his first shared business trip with his son, Josh to Ningbo, China in the fall of 2007. Unfortunately, a major upset would see that all changed that April.

10 Years on and Graphic Techniques is just now starting to rebuild and rebrand itself. We’re starting out with Graphic and Web Design, but we plan on getting into business cards and stationary full time as we grow and in fact, we do currently offer those items in limited quantity. We just ask that you bear with us when it comes to that because, as they are custom designed and printed, preparing and shipping can take time.

Joshua Green

Josh stumbled into the world of Web Design using AOL’s site builder back in 1998. (Could we really even call that a site builder?) From there, it turned into Homestead’s drag & drop of 2000 and in 2001, he built his first HTML coded website.

HTML was standard for the web until around 2005 when PHP software started to become popular. It took a few years for it to really catch on as going from HTML to PHP is comparable to riding a bike versus driving a car, but along with the experience comes the power which is why we’re now able to create dynamic and attractive websites. Josh graduated with an AAS Degree in Web Design from DeVry University in 2011. He also has experience working for a design firm under InMotion Hosting, Inc.

WordPress, Divi and Photoshop are today’s preferred tools and Josh will teach you how to use the first two prior to launching your website.

Joseph Smith

Joe’s a quick learner. He also started with the most difficult web authoring applications first and then moved into simpler things, which is why he’s with Graphic Techniques today. Joe’s always had an eye for detail, so back in 2011, when it took powerful applications like Joomla to build professional and mobile friendly websites, Joe was spending hours reading, download themes and playing with code to learn how to make things work. Today, things aren’t always quite that difficult, but in the rare occasion that something does come up, it’s nice to know a solution can be found for things that aren’t necessarily supposed to work out of the box. Joe brings nearly a decade of solid PHP experience into the fold and this group wouldn’t be possible without him.

Joe’s got a good handle on WordPress and is learning about the added experience that Divi brings into that.