Origin in print.

 Jim Green started Graphic Techniques, Inc. In 1995.

Graphic Techniques has always been a creative company, but it started with hand delivered labels, bags and print material across the world. Jim traveled to various countries and established partnerships with small businesses of very diverse cultures. This was something he enjoyed and the company did well as a result.

Unfortunately, troubling times in 2007 forced the company to wind down, but Jim expressed the desire for Graphic Techniques to possibly resume operations some time in the future.

Graphic Techniques, LLC today.

In November of 2017, over a decade after Graphic Techniques, Inc. closed, Graphic Techniques, LLC was established as a creative design agency with a focus on building powerful websites that clients can easily maintain themselves post-launch.  Jim’s intention was for his original company to retain a future in print. As a result, we also have an agreement with a provider to develop print materials that we design, allowing us to provide websites along with marketing and advertising materials. There are other exciting things in the pipeline as we are always working on new offerings.

In 2019, Graphic Techniques officially partnered with GlowFrog Hosting to offer affordable hosting on a powerful platform to our clients who may not have storage for their website yet.

A new version of Printshop will launch in the coming months.